The Kiloby Inquiries

The Kiloby Inquiries (KI) are inquiry techniques developed by Scott Kiloby, Dan McLintock and our team of facilitators at The Kiloby Center for Recovery. These tools differ from traditional mindfulness in that they are designed to go deeper, helping one to uncover the root of the story that keeps us suffering. They can be used on any issue we might have – addiction, anxiety, depression, physical or emotional pain, trauma, eating disorders, and so much more. All of these techniques are somatic based. They require a willingness to step into the unknown – our unconscious, where much of our fears and traumas are stored. This is done in a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental, loving way. It is not a bypass of our pain, but a direct looking, which when done skillfully, results in an embodied sense of peace, love and compassion for ourselves and others.

The Kiloby Inquiries use a foundation of Natural Rest (Presence/Awareness) to explore and release deficiency stories and stored physical and emotional pain by unraveling the ‘velcro’ of thoughts (words and pictures) and bodily energies (sensations and emotions) that create identification and other unhealthy, inaccurate beliefs about ourselves and others.

There are many KI tools, including Simple Inquiry and the Clearing Method, and more are being developed as the work continues to evolve. In my sessions, I often combine the Kiloby Inquiries techniques with the Unfindability Inquiries techniques to thoroughly explore our conscious and unconscious beliefs that are causing us pain.

Private sessions are available online via Zoom. Sessions typically last between 1 and 1 ½ hours.  Sessions are completely confidential and can be recorded if you like.  Just let me know at the start of the session.

I also offer online training classes in the Kiloby and Unfindability Inquiries for those who want to be certified to work with others using these tools. Get more information about training here.

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