The Art of Inquiry

There’s something magical that happens in an inquiry session when the facilitator and client join together in a beautiful dance of thought and emotion, love and fear, pain and presence, at one with each other, flowing together as the tides of belief melt into clarity.  Art meets form.

I don’t often let myself be held like this, instead preferring to be with what arises as it happens.  I have a tendency to self-facilitate more than be facilitated.  Yet sometimes I meet with a facilitator who can hold me and journey with me to the depths of my pain and hurt and fear, and effortlessly guide me to explore and question my beliefs.  It feels like being in a beautiful painting, with presence being the canvas, and the facilitator and the one being facilitated, the artists. Facilitator and client seemingly co-creating a masterpiece, ultimately seeing that the masterpiece was there all along.

Inquiry is an art form.  There is no formula, though it may start out that way.  I always say to new trainees that, initially we will ask you to stay within a box, color between the lines, so to speak.  Learn the techniques the way they are designed until they become a part of you.  Then throw away the box, let your facilitation flow freely, led by presence and instinct. Meet each client exactly where they are, and join them in their exploration.  Be curious about what’s really going on for them. Get your self out of the way. 

When we are met with that level of clarity and presence, and held in a space of unconditional love and acceptance, we feel seen and heard.  This, it turns out, is all we ever really wanted anyway. It’s also what our thoughts and feelings want – to be seen and heard, felt and accepted, exactly the way they are.  When that happens, they are free to move on, no longer held captive in our minds and bodies. 

Learning to do this for ourselves and for each other, both in and out of inquiry sessions, creates a better world for everyone. We feel lighter and freer as we live more and more in the present moment, exactly the way it is.  Our relationships become healthier as we stop projecting our pain and beliefs onto others.  Art meets life, and everyone is an artist.