No Labels

Imagine, if you will, that nothing in existence has a label.

The body isn’t called body.

A chair isn’t called chair.

The self isn’t called Julianne, or (insert your name here).

A table isn’t called a table.

A dog isn’t called a dog.

A cat isn’t called a cat.

Fear isn’t called fear.

Anger isn’t called anger.

A flower isn’t called flower.

A virus isn’t called virus.

Love isn’t called love.

No labels, on anything.

Imagine, for just a moment, what life is like when we aren’t naming anything. Even life isn’t called life.

What exists in those moments? The chair is still here, and we can sit on it. The body is still here, and functions perfectly fine without the label. Objects are still here, emotions are still here, life is still here, and happening on its own, without any interference from us. No need to control anything.

Imagine, if you will, such complete letting go control or trying to name anything, or be anything. All that remains is seeing and feeling. And take those labels off too.