Natural Flow Movement

“I now know how a flower moves its head toward the sun.”   ~ Alicia O’Keeffe

My next class with start in early 2023

Natural Flow movement is a somatic process developed by Julianne Eanniello, based on her experiences with some eastern movement practices, including tai chi, chigong, and reiki.  It is a practice of allowing the body to flow freely in whatever way it needs to, flowing and moving with the subtle energies of the body, allowing it to undo any contractions or blockages.

Addiction, depression, anxiety, illness, and pain occur because we suppress or resist our thoughts and feelings, instead of being present to them and allowing them to be felt and experienced. Natural Flow Movement is a way of allowing these natural functions to be felt and experienced, and to lead the way, so to speak. It involves listening to and allowing our internal bodily experience to do what is natural to it, allowing our body’s innate wisdom to do the work.

We can use Natural Flow Movement to release body contractions, to heal physical and emotional pain, stress and trauma, and to release addictive and compulsive cravings and urges. It is complementary to the Kiloby Inquiries in that we are learning to get quiet, be present in and listen to our bodies.  When we are able to relax, let go, get out of our own way, our bodies know exactly what they need, and they do it quite effortlessly.

Benefits include:

  • Release body contractions
  • Relax addictive cravings and urges
  • Calm the mind
  • Relax the nervous system
  • Help us be present
  • Ease aches and pains
  • Brings about balance and a feeling of well being

A typical course is offered in a package of 4 online group movement calls.  Please plan on attending all 4 sessions.  Class size is limited to 8. 

The next course will start in early 2022. Courses typically run for 4 consecutive Saturdays. Participants must register for all 4 classes.

Cost: $120

Here’s what people are saying about Natural Flow Movement:

“I really liked this course!  I had never met Julianne before and LOVED the quality of her energy, clarity, leadership and for me this created a really valuable field to explore these simple practices.  I didn’t want the course to end.”   ~ Ken Farber

“The Movement Course was super helpful for me to open and release emotional and body stuckness from early childhood trauma. I felt safe and held in the group dynamic supported by the individual sharing at the start and close. The group size was perfect so I felt you had capacity to be present to each of us in the dance. It was a beautiful experience with myself and with others.”

~ Aliyah, Vancouver Island, Canada

“If you want to discover the wisdom held in your body take this course.  Julianne provided such a nurturing space, in which it felt safe for me to turn inwards and drop deep inside my cells.  It was such a wonderful experience to learn how to listen to the body and simply flow with it.”

~ Alicia O’Keeffe

“Thank you so much for your Natural Flow Movement course! Because of repression and chronic neck pain, I came to the course, feeling cut off from my body and holding a lot of contraction in my upper body. The course helped me get more in touch with my body and the way my body energy wanted to move. Near the end, I realized that I have, mentally and physically, been holding myself in a certain position to “protect” myself from unresolved trauma. I highly recommend, thanks again!”

~ Steven

“Julianne has created a movement workshop based on her experience with several different modalities of energetic flow. We learn to direct the body through naturally-arising somatic energies rather than willful control. The objective, and the challenge, is to allow the body to move as it wishes without direction or guidance from the mind. The body has its own wisdom — it can help undo somatic contractions, discover trapped or repressed emotions, and allow these to be pulled or coaxed to the surface, in awareness, for expression and release. There can be no syllabus or set of rules because the thinking mind must step aside. Julianne teaches “not-doing” so that embodied spirit can lead the dance. 

The class has helped my body to become more expressive, especially during somatic inquiry. My facial and bodily expressions are becoming more revealing and alive. Julianne helps us taste the freedom of embodied flow. She helps us become less self-conscious to become more conscious of the self. 

As I learn to welcome my thoughts and emotions, the class has helped me to better access my body’s wisdom. I feel more alive as my body learns to better express itself. The body can provide more wisdom and guidance, and can more easily unravel contractions when I can keep my mind from interfering. This is precisely what Julianne has to teach: natural, flowing, body movement, unimpeded by egoic constraints and resistance. 

I spent many years meditating on the bliss of emptiness while trying to shut out the complaints of the body. That led to a kind of sterile, pretend/partial awakening. Now I am learning to address the body contractions that rob me of life energy and prevent me from seeing through my projections and repressions. Focusing on movement and change, rather than stillness and changelessness, brings a fresh aliveness to my practice. Stagnant energy must go. The movement of energy is assisted by the movement of the body — especially when the movement occurs naturally, without cognitive control. This is what I experienced in Julianne’s workshop on movement. I recommend her class wholeheartedly.”  ~ Michael Horwitz