Kiloby Inquiries Self Directed, Self Support Video Course

Self-Support refers to your ability to support yourself in transformation. It is the most critically important work you can do for your own freedom.

 Once you begin to support yourself, you will have tools that you can use on your own, without the help of a facilitator, for the rest of your life. 

Learning, practicing and mastering the self-support tools will help you deepen into the experience of peace and acceptance. 

When you have the capacity to clear your triggers right when they arise, you give yourself the best chance to get free of them. You will become naturally more present in the moment.

During this online self-directed, self-support course, you will learn to self-facilitate using all of the main Kiloby Inquiries techniques.  This will support you in your own deepening and increase your capacity to inquire on your own on any triggers that you experience in your life. 

Because this course is self-directed, you can go at your own pace, learning and practicing each of the tools.  Each set of tools includes a video of Julianne and Philip explaining the technique, a guided practice so that you can use the technique on your own, and a written explanation of the technique. 

You can follow along in the order the tools are presented, or you can skip around and focus on the tools that most interest you.  We do however, recommend that you begin with the Introductions to the course, and review the basics in Module 1.

In addition to the online videos, you will have access to a private Facebook group for participants of the course, and be invited to a monthly live call with Julianne and Philip.

Cost is $250 for lifetime access.

Click here for full details about the course and to register on Teachable.