The Kiloby Inquiries – A Transformative Experience

By Matt Nettleton and Julianne Eanniello

The Kiloby Inquiries (KI), formerly called Natural Rest Advanced Mindfulness (NRAM) are a form of self inquiry that incorporates accessible, step by step tools- many of which have origins in evidence-based mindfulness practices. Developed by Scott Kiloby, Dan McLintock, Julianne Eanniello and their team of facilitators at the Kiloby Center, this new modality is showing astonishing results and bringing new freedom to the lives of clients.  It was formulated as we worked with clients who struggled with the Living Inquiries questions.  We worked to develop methods that would allow us to facilitate these clients through the process of inquiry in ways that made sense to them, and KI was born.

This new practice is designed to go much deeper than traditional mindfulness. During inquiry, we look at all of our thoughts, beliefs, and identities. We also focus on feeling our bodily sensations and emotions. It is this combination of what happens in our minds and our bodies that keeps us feeling separated from each other and from life itself. The inquiries directly address and help to dissolve this feeling of separation.  We also mine out the core beliefs that hold our identities in place. To do this, we face those beliefs directly. We rest, allow, and inquire into the combination of words, images, bodily sensations, and emotions as they naturally arise. We do this gently and safely, without resistance. This helps us see through the illusory nature of the mind’s stories and beliefs about ourselves and about life.

We look at everything:

Drivers of addictions and unhealthy behaviors.

Trauma, shame, and fear.



We even look at our beliefs and concepts around love and enlightenment itself.

Everything we so innocently believe about life can be questioned and inquired into. There is a big difference between this work and other modalities. As Kiloby Inquiries trainers and practitioners, we encourage everyone to look at positive identities in the same way as we look at negative ones. We recognize that our true nature is that which is aware and present to both of these transient identifications.

Training and becoming a certified facilitator is a transformational experience.  Trainees are dedicated to do their own inner looking. Through the training process it is important to practice presence and rest as awareness all throughout the day. Looking into and unlocking parts of their own psyche gives them freedom and the ability to then go deeper with their future clients.  After all, we can’t offer what we don’t have or experience ourselves.

We are offering a certification course beginning in late September.  The training is all online, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.  For more information about the training click here.

Here is what current trainees are saying about the course:

“NRAM and Inquiry are amazing tools and methods. I experience shifts and liberation that I never have before. I have been in therapy for 2 years and that has been profound. It has saved my life and helped with healing some deep “attachment” wounds but it has not been enough, or maybe I could say it has helped heal at an important foundational level that has prepared me for NRAM and Inquiry work.  And now NRAM has given me tools and process to do daily self-care in ways other methods haven’t. It also feels like it has been dismantling stuck patterns and blockages and false core beliefs at the deepest level rather than just adding new positives on top. (Even so, I find myself with new positive identities and experiences, I relate to them as pleasant passing phases in the ebb and flow of NOW)…. Each time I sit with someone to practice NRAM/inquiry, I feel gratitude for this gift of presence together.”

~Angela MacLeod, Current NRAM Trainee

“So appreciate the subtleties we are digging into. Personally, I came into this training both for the professional and personal breakthroughs… I feel I’ve had many of both already. In addition to this incredible new modality we’ve been blessed with, our work has created a professional momentum after what felt like two years of purgatory… and just in general, I find myself feeling a new depth of freedom, presence, curiosity and peace in my body and in circumstances that in the past would trigger me big time… I am feeling so inspired, grateful and further committed to this work. There really is nothing like it out there. Thank you for bringing it to us Scott and Julianne. I feel honored and blessed.”

~ Shirly Joy Weiss

We are now taking registration for the certification course that will begin in late September.  The training is all online, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home. To register, email Julianne or Matt.