Being facilitated is a precious gift, for both the facilitator and the one who is being facilitated. It feels like coming home, to yourself and to the world.
– Annelies

“If you want to know what it is to be free of suffering, to be free of wanting, then I invite you to consider something different.   These inquiries, a simple form of direct looking, lead to an unmasking of spiritual words and stories and, paradoxically, to revealing that to which they point as experience beyond the narrow, mind-made world of concepts… I don’t have a good word for the experience, but peace is as good a one as any.”

~ Wayne

What people are saying about Julianne, The Kiloby Inquiries and The Unfindability Inquiries (formerly the Living Inquiries):

“Julianne is an oasis of patience and an island of love. She created such a safe space for me, that I could give words to the sensations which were stuck in my body. I found a way to picturise my frozen numbed body and articulate what it was telling me. Amazingly, it lifted and there was such a profound relief that felt like I was light with a burden off my body which I had been carrying for years.”

~ Monica Roy Chowdhury


It begins with Spaciousness and ends with Spaciousness

All phenomena rise and fall within

The feel of Julianne facilitating

is that of Presence in motion

Fluid Emptiness

Nureyev in Pirouette, Pavarotti singing opera,

Jordan from the baseline

She moves from Open Space to present moment

zeroing in on each topic of healing

All Allowed, all included in the vast field of Acceptance

Patience that has no finish line

Resistances welcomed as old friends

With Julianne you have available the experiential wisdom gained

from having conducted thousands of KI sessions

All the Tools are embodied in this Sacred Environment—

NOW, Pendulating, Reversing, Mining, Utility

Opening, Releasing, Resting

Emptying velcroed pictures, images, feelings and words

Relaxing body contractions and pain

“What does that sensation mean about you?”

“What’s the worst that could happen if that is true?”

“Let that be just as it is…let that be just as it is”

Unfreezing identifications of thinking you are someone,

somewhere, in some time

Returning energy to Seamless Flow

The collapsing of particle into wave… into Ocean

“So where’s the problem?”

Can you call it Holding Space if no one is holding it?

Can you call it Love if there is not two being together?

It is said that Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships

This Beauty opens 10,000 Hearts

~ Kaveen

“Thank you for our shared time yesterday. You have so many traits that beautifully represent what KI is about – at the same time the listener feels comfortable, more open and more accessible. Your people skills shine. Your communications are clear, well organized and reflect a teacher/facilitator who is empathic and warm. The videos are easy to follow and instructional. I am glad you got out of banking and chose growth work with others. Thank you for doing what you are doing, Being just who you are.”


“Just wanted to thank you for the last session we did. It was absolutely amazing. Being able to let go of everything that pops up by simply asking «Is this me?» and allowing is almost too good to be true. Such a gift.”


“Inquiry is the Cadillac of recovery.” 


“Julianne holds a wonderful space to inquire within.  She has the beautiful combination of being able to challenge me, while holding me in a totally safe space; both of which are necessary to support true growth.  She’s a really skilled facilitator, and at the same time as facilitating the session she is also  teaching to empower me to be able to do more inquiry on my own.  She’s right there with me throughout the entire session, in a beautiful space of presence that allows my process to unfold.  Julianne is also proving to be a wonderful role model for me in terms of how to be with my inner process, which is very much appreciated.  I’m really thankful for the opportunity to inquire with Julianne.”

~ Jo Hainsworth

“I’m so thankful for having had the opportunity to do the Opening the Heart course with Matt and Julianne.  There was something so special about being part of a group of people who came together over a period of time with the intention to clear the blocks to us opening our hearts.  I also found having the chance to work with several different facilitators in one on one sessions to be so powerful – each session was different and taught me new ways to be with my own process and inquire on my own; and I saw and let go of beliefs that have been causing angst for decades.  I am now so much more aware of what causes me to close my heart, and have the tools to continue the exploration on my own over time.  I highly recommend this course for anyone who desires to live with a more open heart.”

~ Jo Hainsworth

“This work lets you discover truths for yourself, which is infinitely more valuable than someone giving you a paradigm of how everything works; then you invariably start molding yourself based on some Guru, or teacher and you end up espousing things that you haven’t personally experienced. I would also say that approached with an innocent attitude with no expectations…there is a real richness, a vast cornucopia of emotive and spiritual treasures that are waiting to be discovered. An experiential non-dualism becomes readily apparent and one actually and quite rapidly can find all that they have searched for in their myriad spiritual quests. I even had an “epiphany” regarding a health issue. JUST DO IT !”

~ Mark

“I am much more at peace with what is & I am noticing that I am not following or attaching to thought nearly as much, especially as I notice and allow the following of & attaching to thought to be in my experience.”

~ Eliza

“Lovely session, thank you. Feeling calm and back in my body.”

~ Anonymous

“Conducted an experiment today. spent the entire day (10 AM to 8 PM) with Julianne Eanniello doing Scott Kiloby’s Unfindable Inquiry. It was amazing to look and look again and look again. The inquiry centered on “the one who will die” and in the end positive and negative data became “data” along with the instinctive realization that to allow all is easier than to sort data into good and bad and I want this and I hate that. Don’t get me wrong: the sorting still appeared, but it was allowed with little to no struggle. Even when there was significant struggle, that was allowed, with resistance, and resistance to resistance. Julianne is amazing, a very special person whose friendship and skill as a facilitator are appreciated beyond words and pointing.”

~ Richard

“It was one of the most beautiful and full events I have ever attended. The beauty of this direct looking into experience is nothing short of stunning to experience and witness. The gentle ease and simplicity by which the facilitators supported this looking was as refreshing, kind and humanly connecting as I have ever witnessed…EVER!”

~ Grant

“Loved it! Scott and facilitators offer a simple and practical approach to experiencing the end of suffering. The invitation to rest in awareness with a few simple questions cuts to the core of our human pain and stories that keep us from realizing the Truth of who we really are. Through this simple process I was able to access and release feelings, thoughts and pictures that kept my suffering alive. When I left I was laughing and having such a great time being alive in this amazing dream we call Life. This form of self inquiry is powerful. Check it out for your Self!!”

~ Hollie

“It is SUCH a comforting & happy thought to know that I don’t ever have to overeat or over drink again. As long as I do my CI’s, the pit of despair and the feeling of falling into it – heralding the frenzy of obtaining the ‘drug’ – can be a memory. The utter irrevocable out-of-controlness was always so awful, and after the bliss of the taste of it, I could look forward to the shame. There was never a free lunch.”


“Well, yesterday I was going to have just one glass of wine. And then I simply forgot to get it. Woke up in the middle of the night thinking WTF? Hate it when that happens. :)”


“I am so intrigued by how inquiring into one area affects other areas… Although I’m inquiring into drinking, mostly, I’ve noticed a big lessening of my compulsive Facebook checking. It really does feel like getting to the root of what causes one to do anything compulsively, rather than addressing symptoms. ”


“The inquiry is an exploration in progress, not a rigid method. It gently steers you away from your mind and thoughts right into the sensations you have never wanted to consciously feel. Doing them with a facilitator is impressively effective. It is an opening up in togetherness, lovingly looking at what is arising in the moment, without predefined answers or judgments. Just full of surprises and rich in possibilities. Your stories, views and concepts, your happiness and sadness, your funny and not so funny habits, that richness is all allowed and explored in the moment. It is amazing to see labels, images and sensations disintegrate once you’ve seen where they are glued together. Being facilitated is a precious gift, for both the facilitator and the one who is being facilitated. It feels like coming home, to yourself and to the world. I loved it.”

~ Annelies

“Scott and facilitators offer a simple and practical approach to experiencing the end of suffering. The invitation to rest in awareness with a few simple questions cuts to the core of our human pain and stories that keep us from realizing the Truth of who we really are.”

~ Hollie

“I’m happier, more peaceful and different then I was when I started. My experience is that after every session, there is freedom that wasn’t there before, an opening of some sort that allows for something else to show up. As far as facilitators go, they surely know what they’re doing and I find myself being safe with them, trusting without having to trust.  The support that is offered by Julianne (and other facilitators) are not that of the EGO but something else. They don’t seem to want to be right, to know what should happen or even try to steer me in a direction that they think I should go. It is an allowing for everything to express itself as it becomes unstuck. “

~ Luc

” Nice to know that there can be some relief from all the things that are happening in life. I was climbing up the walls before I did the inquiry with you. Unbelievable that there can be so much meaning given to things, in words, pictures, thoughts and the feelings, in only one person/body. Put it on a wall and look at it, leave it there and then experience the feeling, it is like coming home and there is nothing.  Nothing loves nothing.”

~ Jeannette

“It’s so amazing how in such a small period of time so many beliefs that seemed unquestionably true turned upside down once I looked with honesty and the beautiful guidance of Julianne Eanniello. I feel so lucky to be experiencing this kind of freedom… And it’s not the freedom from experience which I always thought I wanted, but it’s the freedom of being ok with present experience, letting it be just as it is – which is a so much better version of freedom!!!!  If you still haven’t tried the inquiries, by all means give it a try and you might find yourself writing a message like this with a huge smile on your face!”

~ Tony

“Today I had the opportunity to experience the Compulsion Inquiry. It was so surprising as I realized that I have given so much energy to my “spiritual” seeking all this time, without ever questioning the need to seek. As I looked to everything that seemed to trigger my seeking (beliefs, memories, emotions) and found that nothing is actually saying to me that I need something different/better, the whole idea of seeking itself was seen as groundless and a lot of tension that has kept this compulsion going was transmuted into a big smile on my face : )  Such a wonderful experience. A very BIG thank you to Julianne Eanniello for guiding me through. Highly recommended!”

~ Tony

“Hello all, I wanted to report on my experience with Julianne last night. She’s such a wonderful facilitator. It’s my second time working with her, and it was mind-blowing (literally) how concepts that seemed so tight and gripping loosened and fell apart during inquiry. I’ve been “searching” for nine years, and I’ve tried everything from affirmations to reiki to meditating and sitting for hours in nature. I read quotes and books from a variety of spiritual teachers, watched endless satsangs on YouTube and read one book after the other — hoping that the next book, next video or next teacher would give me that one special insight that would flip the enlightenment switch. I’ve come to find that the only thing blocking awareness is my false self and ideas. It’s been there all along. I will be doing more sessions with Julianne and suggest to those of you who are considering inquiry to give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose but everything that’s been in the way.”

~ Lyndsey

“I appear to have lost interest in reading about or talking about or learning about.  This inquiry, facilitated by Julianne and all the other facilitators, gives me my own experience and leaves me with nothing to say and no need to sit in satsangs or follow teachers etc.  Just left with a peace that all is well as is and nothing to run around trying to change.”

~ Judy

“I had a session yesterday with Julianne. It was amazing how she was able to quickly focus on the most subtle patterns that arose and bring them to the light of inquiry. I really appreciated the level of intimacy, humor and love of truth she brings to the experience. It’s a wonderfully simple process yet it dives directly to the truth. Thanks Scott and Julianne.”

~ Michael W.

“Had a great session with Julianne last night and wanted to share.  I was depressed and wanted to look for the depressed person.  The words “I just want to be happy and not suffer anymore” came up a couple of times so Julianne suggested to look for happiness or being happy.  What a trip to see clearly that “happiness” is just a mind construct based on its own ideas of what needs to happen in my life for “me” to be happy.  Knowing this intellectually doesn’t really do much for me but seeing this clearly and letting go of the emotional baggage that went along with it is so liberating!  Resting as awareness is effortless after a session and no seeking is anywhere to be found, just a content peaceful place.  Thanks so much to Julianne for doing a great job facilitating and holding the space.  If you haven’t worked with Julianne yet I highly recommend doing so.  Peace.”

~ Michael C.

“I had an awesome session with Julianne this morning and saw there was no self “that didn’t count”…  it’s still amazing to just honestly answer the questions, listen to my body, and this space starts to unravel and I no longer really believe or identify with my original statements.  I don’t even have to do much but be a little willing to ask for help.  Being in the presence of two “overly controlling people” I found without the identity “I do not count” I fell into tears of compassion as I looked at them from the panoramic seat.  And having reviewed the Boomerang and shadow work last night I found I wanted to control them from not controlling me – I wasn’t suffering from their control but my story of deficiency and then wanting to control them so I wouldn’t have to feel it.  So good to have clarity in this moment!  Thanks Julianne and to you Scott for training people to assist us in our freedom.  I can’t even imagine a resource you have not provided us – such dedication and love!! ♥ ♥”

~ Alice M.

“I did an Unfindable Object inquiry on Saturday with Julianne Eanniello … and it was fascinating.  There was awareness of words, pictures, emotions, body sensations, but no persona or agent that was being aware of them.  A verb without a subject.  The deficient self we started with turned out to be a hypothetical based on a few pieces of tantalizing evidence that led nowhere.  Cool stuff.

~ Will