The Unfindable Inquiry

uiThe Unfindable Inquiry (UI) is a life-changing, potent tool to assist you in seeing through the stories that your mind incessantly tells about ‘me’ or ‘other’. Many are finding real freedom from their suffering by directly inquiring into what they believe is true.

Most of us walk through life feeling like a separate, deficient self.  Beliefs that I’m not good enough, I’m unlovable, there’s something wrong with me, are often running the show from behind the scenes.  We may not even be aware of it, but we are a slave to these beliefs.  There is this sense of separation that I am here, and everyone and everything else is out there.

Through this inquiry, which include the Boomerang, Panorama and Unfindable Inquiries, we go about looking for this separate, deficient self that seems to be so tantalizingly, inherently real.  We look to see if we can actually find it.  We can also look for separate objects, other people, ideas, beliefs and spiritual concepts such as awareness, consciousness and enlightenment.

The Living Inquiries are not designed to make you feel better, or to get to some later point in your story, but rather to let all feelings, thoughts, and other appearances be as they are, without the sense that they form a solid, permanent, separate self.  In not trying to get rid of or manage any appearances, it can be seen that the self or person you take yourself to be is quite literally unfindable. You only ever experience thoughts, images and body energies, which include emotions and sensations.

If you are seeking for some future fulfillment or enlightenment, if you find yourself triggered in relationships with family, friends, work, or are struggling with addiction, deficiency thoughts, or any type of physical or emotional pain, then this inquiry is for you.

This is a seeing, not a self-improvement plan.  It is a present exploration, not a way to change your experience.  The well-being shows up naturally as you see through the sense of “me” and “other.”  When the self is looked for directly, it is unfindable, and what’s left is simply what is happening, moment to moment, without the sense of needing to alter any experience, while still being able to live and move freely in the world.  It is the end of suffering.


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