The Living Inquiries




Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries, which include the Unfindable Inquiries, the Compulsion Inquiry and the Anxiety Inquiry, are tools to help you see through identification with your stories of ‘me and my life.’  Many are finding real freedom from their suffering by directly inquiring into what they believe is true, but on closer examination turns out to be simply a series of thoughts, images, and body energies, which include both sensations and emotions.  When each of these are looked at directly through the Living Inquiries, it is seen that none of it adds up to be ‘me’.  When the identification with the stories ceases, what remains is a present aliveness, an openness to all experience, as it is, without claiming ownership of any of it.  All thoughts, images and energies are free to be, and they are happening to no one.

These inquiries are based on the Buddhist concept of the Middle Way.  Scott Kiloby describes the Middle Way as “freedom from the extreme views of “Everything is separate,” and “Nothing exists.” It is the seeing through of separation and deficiency, while retaining an appreciation for the diversity of appearances—me, you, us, them, and the world.”

The inquiries will not give you anything.  They will not add anything your life or your experience.  It is in the seeing through of everything that appears, that you discover the brilliance of what has always, already been here.  Don’t take my word for it.  Try it out and see for yourself.


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