The Compulsion Inquiry


The Compulsion Inquiry (CI) deactivates the cravings behind addictions and compulsions. It is distilled from Scott’s work on the Natural Rest Method, as well as his Unfindable Inquiry. Whatever substance or activity you’re dealing with, the CI works in a similar way.

In any addiction, there are often subtle, unconscious mental pictures that pop up before you engage in your substance or activity. There are also thought patterns, images, bodily sensations, and emotions that come up in relation to the substance or activity.  The CI is a very simple, direct looking that reveals there is no command, anywhere, to do or use anything.

The Compulsion Inquiry can be used on any compulsion, addiction, or craving, including food, alcohol, sex/porn, gambling, internet use, obsessive compulsive behaviors, and seeking enlightenment.  It can also be used on any behavioral pattern to do something or to not do something.  To name a few:  to control, not to control, to eat or drink something, to not eat or drink something, to exercise, to not exercise, to give, to not give, to feel, to not feel, etc. 

There is no willpower involved in this process.  It is a humane and radical approach to recovery. There is no judgment, expectation, or moralizing.  It is not about how well or badly you do, or how quickly you quit or reduce. We do not use words like “cold turkey,” or “falling off the wagon.” We give you the tools to quit, and the rest is up to you.

Although we make no guarantees with this inquiry, it’s been highly successful so far in trials. Participants have not only been able to reduce, if not completely eliminate, specific, longstanding compulsive behaviors and addictions, but have found that compulsion has fallen away generally in many other areas of their lives. For instance, someone might come to a session with a desire to give up sugar, and after a few sessions using the CI, find that he or she has very little desire to engage in a variety of other compulsive activities such as drinking, sex addiction, or even spiritual seeking. Those who use the CI lose interest in unhealthy, habitual activities and gain a passionate curiosity that comes with the discovery that life, as it is, needs no enhancement of any kind because peace and well-being are already one’s natural state.

Just as with any recovery program, the success of it depends largely on whether you are open to using the inquiry on your own when cravings pop up.  These sessions are always done in a minimum of four session packages, with at least three of the four sessions happening daily, three days in a row, and the fourth a few days or a week later.  We have found the best results happen when done this way.

In many cases, more sessions are needed – it depends how the initial sessions go and how quickly your cravings or compulsions diminish.  We have found that once the inquiry “gets into” your system, it takes over and begins working on its own. You will be taught to do the inquiries on your own, so you may do it any time the compulsion or urge arises.

At this time, facilitators are only offering compulsion packages on food and spiritual seeking.  For all other addictions or compulsions, please contact Scott at The Kiloby Center. He will help you determine the best course of action.


Please contact me to arrange a Skype session. 

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