The Anxiety Inquiry

anxietyThe Anxiety Inquiry (AI) is a highly effective tool that deactivates the energy behind fear, anxiety, phobias, and even post traumatic stress disorders.  It is based on the fight, flight or freeze response that is inherent to all of us.

Fear and anxiety can show up in many ways.  For some, it’s a daily under-current of anxiety that runs behind the scenes, dictating how we live our lives.  For others, it’s a seemingly irrational fear or phobia of something in particular, like bridges, or spiders.  It even shows up as anger, resentment, or resistance to our present experience. It often shows up in relationship, when the ‘other’ doesn’t respond or act the way we want them to, or they might disagree with or criticize us.  It can feel as if there is an immediate danger or threat, and we must either run from it, fight back, or we freeze or go numb.

In the Anxiety Inquiry, we go looking for the perceived threat in the same way we look for a deficient self in the Unfindable Inquiry, or the command in the Compulsion Inquiry.  All we ever find are words, images and body energies.  When looked at and felt directly, no threat can be found.  In the not finding of an actual threat, there is a relaxation and a freedom to live more fully.

“When we lose the fear of death, we also lose the fear of life.”  ~ Scott Kiloby


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