Resting at the Source of a Sensation

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Resting at the Source of a Sensation

If you’ve joined me for any Natural Rest Meditations, you’ve heard me say, as we’re exploring the nature of thought, to rest at the source of thought, the place where the next thought is going to come out of, then watch as thought arises, lives its short lifespan, then dissolves back into the space that it came out of.

Lately I’ve been doing this with body energies as well. When working with some clients, and even in my own self-inquiry, when a body sensation appears, I bring attention directly to the point of origin, the place where it begins, and rest quietly there. I’ve found that by going right to the source of the energy, any resistance I may have to feeling it is eliminated. It becomes easy, even effortless, to let the energy be the way it already is. If there was a sense of distance between me and the energy, that quickly dissipates as the perspective is changed, as does any sense of a self who is feeling the energy. There is only sensation happening, and there is no problem with it being the way it is.

When working with clients using this technique, they are also able to rest more easily with any sensation they are feeling. They often see very clearly that the energy isn’t the self or object that they’re looking for, and that there is no problem with it – it can stay or go, and either is fine. The freedom that comes from experiencing energies this way is almost palpable. I can see it on their face, and I can feel it in my own experience.

Sometimes, when resting at the source of an energy, mental images or thoughts may appear. There may be old childhood memories or beliefs. The thought of how we’re really identifying ourselves can become obvious, quickly bringing one directly to what’s really going on – the deeper story. We can then use the Living Inquiries (LI) to have a look. Here is an example of how it works. (I typed this live as I was experiencing it.)


I start by resting quietly for a moment, present in my body.

I notice there is a tightness in my chest. As I’m feeling the tightness in my chest, I start to feel deeper into it, out of curiosity – what is this really about? So I rest quietly in the energy, letting it be here.

Then I bring my attention to the source of the energy – the point where it originates.

Now it seems to not be in my chest at all – it seems much bigger than that, as though it surrounds me. I see an image of a big dark circle. I continue to rest quietly, feeling the energy, and looking at the image in my mind’s eye. I hear the words “not good enough”. There’s the belief – I’m not good enough. I continue allowing all of this to be here. And I begin to look for me, someone who isn’t good enough, using LI.

There is an image of me – I look at the picture, letting my eyes gently fall on it, and quietly keep looking at it. I give that some time, and then I ask if that picture is me, someone who isn’t good enough.

I feel a tingling sensation in my body, which tells me that yes, I am identifying with that picture. So I bring my attention to the tingling feeling, and I rest here with it. After a moment of feeling it, I bring my attention to the origin of that feeling – the place where it begins. Once again, the energy suddenly seems much bigger than me, and with it appears that picture of me again.

So I look at the picture again. I notice that the picture seems to be hanging in space. It’s small in size, and doesn’t show my whole body – I can only see the front of my upper body and my face. As I look at the picture, and ask if it’s me, the one who isn’t good enough, I see clearly that it isn’t. The picture starts to fade away on its own as I continue looking at it.

I’m curious about that tingling energy, which is still here, though it’s slightly changed. So I bring my attention back into it, and feel it. Going right to the source of the energy, it’s very clear that it isn’t me – it’s not someone who isn’t good enough. It’s just energy happening.

Everything feels more expanded. I see pictures coming and going, feel sensations happening, but they don’t seem to be happening to ‘me.’ They’re just happening.

I want to know about that tightness in my chest that prompted this looking. I bring my attention back into it. It feels open, spacious. I bring attention to the point of origin of that open, spacious feeling. Actually, I keep looking – I can’t find where it begins. I ask if anywhere in here I can find me, someone who isn’t good enough. I see a picture of my face, smiling. I ask if that picture is me, someone who isn’t good enough. It isn’t.

Because the picture is of me smiling, I want to check to see if I’ve taken on a new identity – someone who IS good enough. So I keep looking at the picture, and ask if it’s me, someone who is good enough. It isn’t. It’s clear that it’s just a picture, and there isn’t a sense of a ‘me’ here who is either good enough or not good enough.


Resting at the source of a bodily energy can be done with any sensation – any pain, any body contraction, any craving, any urge – even those related to addiction. It can also be done with any belief or emotion. Try it yourself and see what happens.


Julianne Eanniello is a Senior Facilitator and Trainer of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries. She offers private sessions by phone or Skype, and online Natural Rest Meditations every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She also offers deepening courses, workshops and facilitator training. For more information or to contact her, visit her website at