Kiloby Inquiries Certification Training

“What strikes me most about Julianne as a trainer is her unending patience and deep kindness. Not once during the training was I made to feel less-than, or like a question I had to offer wasn’t valid. Julianne brings a sense of safety, of whatever comes up being okay, that was so sorely lacking from the educational contexts I grew up in. As a group, we developed a precious sense of comradery and vulnerability under her wing. On a personal level, I absorbed an understanding of inquiry that went beyond the techniques in question. Thanks again, Julianne!”

Alec Rodrigues

Training Class is currently in progress. My next class will start in September 2021.

Interested in Becoming a Certified Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator?

The Training Intensive format is new!  All training will take place online. It will consist of four weekends, four hours per day (both Saturday and Sunday).

In these calls, we will cover all of the training material, and break out into smaller groups to practice what we’re learning.  There will also be ample practice time between calls.  Once the weekend intensives are complete, we will have some Small Group Calls for further practice and coaching.

Your own deepening is essential to becoming certified.  It is expected that you will practice self facilitation throughout the course, as well as both give and receive sessions with your fellow trainees.  You will also receive four facilitated sessions – two from Julianne, your trainer, as well as two additional facilitated sessions from certified support facilitators who will be assisting in training.

There will also be a private Facebook group for communication and support throughout training. You will receive an abundance of support throughout the process.

Who Can Apply for Training?

Having had facilitated sessions from any KI Facilitator is a prerequisite to joining this course.  Once you’ve had some sessions, you may apply for training if you are interested in own own deepening, or wish to become certified to work with others using the Kiloby Inquiries.  This training program may be for you if:

  • You’ve experienced freedom from your suffering through these techniques and want to help others
  • You have experience working with clients using mindfulness and self-inquiry and want to learn powerful new tools that you can incorporate to deepen your own practice
  • You already work as a clinician, counselor, or healer, and want to acquire new tools to adequately and safely address clients’ past trauma
  • You simply want to continue your own deepening

In order to gain expertise, you will need to practice regularly with other trainees, once given the go-ahead by your trainers.  Minimum practice time should be at least one session each of giving and receiving facilitation, per week.  More often is better.  In addition, you should plan on spending a minimum of 2 hours per week on self-practice. The more practice you get, the sooner your chances of being certified.

As it gets closer to evaluation time, we will ask you to do some Feedback Sessions with our support facilitators.  In these sessions, you will facilitate them, and they will give you feedback and coaching to help you fine-tune your skills and help prepare you for certification.  We also suggest that you read the book Natural Rest for Addiction by Scott Kiloby.

This training can be an intensive experience. Expect your own deficiency stories to come bubbling up to the surface.  Previously unseen or unconscious triggers, stories, and emotional pain may arise during training.  Although this may not happen, for many it does – and it’s totally normal.  We suggest that you get to know your fellow trainees as soon as possible through the private Facebook page we will establish for this training course. We also suggest that you get comfortable sharing your experiences with each other, asking for support, and being available to support your fellow trainees.  The experiences you have or that you observe in your fellow trainees can help you better understand and respond to the experiences future clients will have.

If you need additional support, you can also book additional private sessions with any KI or LI facilitator of your choice, and pay for sessions at their usual rate. Having additional paid-for sessions is also an effective way to deepen.


  • Boomerang and Panorama
  • Natural Rest
  • The NOW Method
  • Simple Inquiry
  • The Kiloby Clearing Method
  • Mindful Motivational Reprocessing (MMR)
  • Thank You Phrase
  • Make It Stay
  • Metaphysical Hands
  • Focus Shifting
  • Tracking
  • Untethering Contractions
  • Reverse Inquiry
  • Mining
  • The Shadow Process
  • Trigger Worksheet
  • Historical Triggers Inventory
  • And more

What Is the Evaluation Process Like?

After the training and practice period, you can schedule your evaluations when you feel ready to be evaluated.  There will be two evaluations.  If your trainer feels you need more practice before becoming certified, she will let you know specifically what skills you need to work on, and another evaluation can be scheduled when you are ready.  Certification is not guaranteed.

After certification, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement and join our robust online community of facilitators.

How Do I Register?

Class size is limited.  There will be an online registration link when the next class is announced.

Or reach out if you have questions –

Cost – $2,200 US early bird rate if paid in full. $2,500 full rate.  Payment plans available.


“Julianne is an excellent trainer and facilitator, truly committed to being of service to others. She took a sincere interest in those of us in our cohort, and she created a safe and non-judgmental environment in which to learn and deepen our own personal work.  Under Julianne’s skillful guidance, I not only learned the essential tools in the Kiloby Inquiries, but also saw modeled how they can be astutely applied through her demonstrations and personal sessions with me.  Julianne is patient, authentic, and personable, and she holds a wealth of knowledge that she is always happy to share. The foundation Julianne lays is very strong, and I know I have learned sound Kiloby Inquiry methods as a result of her expert guidance.” ~Meredith Markow 2019/2020

Julianne is an exceptional teacher, an exemplar of the very approach that she teaches. Her skill, intuition, openness to change, are attributes of the very reason we do this work. But most of all, Julianne knows how to be “with” us, that is, present to this moment to what arises. I support her continued work in this modality, and to be honest, any.    ~   Mike Unrau

“So appreciate the subtleties we are digging into…. I find myself feeling a new depth of freedom, presence, curiosity and peace in my body and in circumstances that in the past would trigger me big time.”   – Shirly Joy

“Each time I sit with someone to practice inquiry, I feel gratitude for this gift of presence together.”   – Angela MacLeod, KI Facilitator

“Signing up for the KI training has been one of the best decisions I’ve taken in the last few months. Period. … I feel truly honored, humbled and blessed to have discovered this work and to be training in this work with some incredible people. It continues to be life-changing.” – Ash Rav

“Training to become a KI Facilitator with Matt and Julianne has given me more freedom in my daily life while developing a powerful new set of professional skills to support my clients” – Bronte Spicer