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Self Support and Peer Support – A new Kiloby Inquiries Program

June 19 @ 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Revised with New Dates!  This course now starts on June 19.

We are excited to announce a new, two-part program designed to help you better utilize the Kiloby Inquiries!

The first part is Self Support.  This is a 5 week program run by Julianne Eanniello (KI Trainer and Facilitator) and Angela MacLeod (KI Facilitator and Training Assistant).  In the Self Support program, you will be learning and practicing basic inquiry techniques.  There will be a lot of practice time on the group calls utilizing our Real Time Looking format, so that everyone has ample opportunity to practice self-facilitation. Taking this program will make you eligible to take the Peer Support Program.

The second part is Peer Support, run by Julianne Eanniello.  In this program, you will be learning to facilitate others in the basic inquiry techniques covered in the Self Support Program, and have the opportunity to become a Certified Peer Support Guide.  Taking the Self Support Program is a pre-requisite to enrolling in the Peer Support Program.  There will be 8 group calls and an extended practice period before scheduling your evaluation.  You will also receive one private session with Julianne.

See below for more details on each, as well as a discount if you sign up for both.

Self Support Program

Self-Support refers to your ability to support yourself in transformation.  It is the most critically important work you can do for your own freedom.  Once you begin to support yourself, you will have tools that you can use on your own, without the help of a facilitator, for the rest of your life.  Learning, practicing and mastering self-support tools will help you deepen into the experience of peace and acceptance.  You will become naturally more present in the moment.

During this course, we will train you to self-facilitate in the basic Kiloby Inquiries techniques.  This will support you in your own deepening and increase your capacity to inquire on your own on any triggers that you experience in your life.

While you will not be learning all of the KI techniques, you will be learning enough of them to help you effectively support yourself through inquiry and natural rest.  These are the techniques you will be learning:

  • Boomerang and Panorama
  • Simple Inquiry
  • Natural Rest
  • NOW process
  • Metaphysical Hands
  • Thank You Phrase
  • Reverse Inquiry
  • Utility Inquiry
  • Mining
  • Self Regulation Skills

Our group calls will consist of discussion and learning time, as well as break-out groups so that we can practice using these skills on ourselves, with the help of your facilitators.  You will also receive two private sessions, one with Angela and one with Julianne, so they can further help you self-facilitate.

Once this portion of the program is completed, you may go on to take the Peer Support portion of the program, if you wish to.

Dates: Saturdays from 10 am – 12 noon Pacific time:  June 19  –  June 26  –  July 10  –  July 17  –  July 24

Cost: $400

Register for Program

Peer Support Program

Once you complete the Self Support portion of the program and are more comfortable self-facilitating, you will be ready to start learning and practicing how to support others in their inquiry.  In the Peer Support program, you will learn to hold space for and facilitate your peers in the same techniques that you learned in the Self Support program.

Becoming a Peer Support Guide

Learning how to guide others through the Kiloby Inquiries skills when they are triggered helps us deepen in learning the skills for our own benefit.  It also provides a way of helping us begin to experience the positive effects of being of service to others, including cultivating compassion, love and connection with others.  Being of service to others can help tremendously in deepening one’s well-being and sense of purpose in life.

Limitations of Peer Support Guides

Peer Support Guides are not therapists, counselors, interns or certified facilitators.  They may not charge for their services.  They may not hold themselves out to anyone as being a therapist, counselor, intern or certified facilitator.  They may not use the skills with anyone except those in their own family, close friends and other participants in the Peer Support Guide Program.  If the Peer Support Guide at any point while helping another person encounters any issue such as addiction, trauma or extreme emotional disturbance that they do not feel equipped to handle and resolve for the other person, the Peer Support Guide is required to stop working with the client and refer the client either to the Kiloby Center, an online certified facilitator, or another health care professional.  If a Peer Support Guide encounters a person who has recently relapsed on drugs or alcohol, the Guide must encourage the person to contact the Kiloby Center or another health care professional.  The Guide may not work with anyone on substance abuse and is instead encouraged to refer the client to the Kiloby Center or another treatment or detox program.

Peer Support Guides who enjoy helping others and who have developed a good level of competency in helping others are encouraged to apply for Kiloby Inquiries Certification.  This certification permits them to charge for their services or work in a Kiloby Center for Recovery using these skills.  Contact Julianne for information on how to enroll in the certification training program.

The Evaluation and Certification Process                                             

After the practice period, or when you feel ready to be evaluated, you may schedule your evaluation with Julianne.  The evaluation will consist of you facilitating her on the KI skills that you learned.  If you pass, you will become a Certified Peer Support Guide.  If Julianne feels you need more practice before becoming certified, she will let you know specifically what skills you need to work on, and another evaluation can be scheduled when you are ready.

After Certification

Once you’re certified as a Kiloby Inquiries Peer Support Guide, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement and be added to the Facebook group for Certified Peer Support Guides.  You may then offer support to the other Peer Support Guides, friends and family.  Be sure to read above the Limitations of Peer Support Guides.

Course Details

There will be 8 online group calls, and you will receive one private session with Julianne.  There will also be an extended practice period where you will exchange practice sessions with your peers before your evaluation.

Dates: Saturdays from 10 am – 12 noon Pacific time, starting approximately 2 weeks after completion of the Self Support Program – exact dates TBD

Cost $795

There is a $50 discount if you register for both courses and pay in full by June 1  – total $1,145

Register for Program

About Us

Julianne Eanniello is Co-Founder and Clinical Director of the Kiloby Center for Recovery, and a Kiloby Inquiries Certification Trainer and Facilitator, as well as a founding Living Inquiries Facilitator and Trainer.  She works with clients all over the world on many issues, including spiritual seeking, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, addiction, compulsion, and general unhappiness with ourselves and our lives.  She does this through online sessions, deepening courses, workshops and facilitator certification training.  She has been training and certifying facilitators for almost 10 years.  She is a warm, compassionate, highly skilled and effective facilitator and trainer. For more information, visit InquireWithJulianne.com, and her YouTube page which has several guided Natural Rest Meditations.

“What strikes me most about Julianne as a trainer is her unending patience and deep kindness. Not once during the training was I made to feel less-than, or like a question I had to offer wasn’t valid. Julianne brings a sense of safety, of whatever comes up being okay, that was so sorely lacking from the educational contexts I grew up in. As a group, we developed a precious sense of comradery and vulnerability under her wing. On a personal level, I absorbed an understanding of inquiry that went beyond the techniques in question. Thanks again, Julianne!”  ~ Alec Rodrigues

“Julianne is an excellent trainer and facilitator, truly committed to being of service to others. She took a sincere interest in those of us in our cohort, and she created a safe and non-judgmental environment in which to learn and deepen our own personal work.  Under Julianne’s skillful guidance, I not only learned the essential tools in the Kiloby Inquiries, but also saw modeled how they can be astutely applied through her demonstrations and personal sessions with me.  Julianne is patient, authentic, and personable, and she holds a wealth of knowledge that she is always happy to share. The foundation Julianne lays is very strong, and I know I have learned sound Kiloby Inquiry methods as a result of her expert guidance.”  ~ Meredith Markow 2019/2020

“Julianne is an exceptional teacher, an exemplar of the very approach that she teaches. Her skill, intuition, openness to change, are attributes of the very reason we do this work. But most of all, Julianne knows how to be “with” us, that is, present to this moment to what arises. I support her continued work in this modality, and to be honest, any.”    ~   Mike Unrau


Angela MacLeod participated in the first KI training with Scott and Julianne and was certified in August 2019. Since then, she’s been giving KI sessions to individuals as well as being a support facilitator in KI trainings since being certified. Angela especially enjoys coaching KI trainees on the techniques, self-facilitation and facilitating others. She’s has a special skill for giving concise and useful feedback to those who are learning this work. And she does it with warmth. Angela loves to teach. She brings her extensive knowledge of and experience with nervous system regulation, compassionate communication (NVC) and a broad background in movement arts and somatic studies to enrich and support her KI facilitation and coaching. Check out her website for more details: presenceandflow.life

Angela is enthusiastic about the creative evolving nature of KI. She observes that once you learn the techniques and the process of deep inquiry, it becomes an art and you keep finding new emerging insights about how to use this work.

“Angela has proven to be invaluable as a support facilitator in my training courses.  I know that when she tells me someone is ready for certification, they are ready.  She is an outstanding coach in helping trainees learn and practice the KI skills, spotting areas that need fine-tuning, and providing feedback in an encouraging and helpful manner.  Angela’s ability to help others comes from her experience of delving deeply into her own stories through inquiry.  It really can’t happen any other way.  I’m thrilled to be doing more programs with Angela”.    ~ Julianne Eanniello, Kiloby Inquiries and Living Inquiries Trainer and Facilitator

“I have been working with Angela regularly for over 2 years and I am constantly amazed by her powerful, yet gentle, presence. It is a presence that guides you towards the difficult inner territory that we all need to deal with but often don’t see. Once in that space – instead of feeling sad, helpless, or confused – her presence holds you, embraces you, and encourages you. It is relaxed, allowing you to discover what needs to be seen on your own, without pressure, yet it is always felt, helping you to feel safe and strong enough to face your fears and begin healing the parts of yourself that need it.

As a facilitator myself, Angela has always gone out of her way to help me grow and to teach me skills or tools that she has learned – without which I do not believe I’d be half the facilitator I am today. Whether it’s as a teacher, or leading her (incredible, and meticulously planned) workshops, or as a facilitator, I always recommend Angela. Not just as someone who will change your life but as someone who’s heart, presence and skill can create a foundation that allows you to continually grow and change your own life in exactly the way you need”.    ~ Philip Nienartowicz – Certified Kiloby Inquiries facilitator

“I’ve had several inquiry sessions with Angela and have always walked away from them with a profound sense of gratitude for the insight’s I’ve discovered. Her guidance is gentle, compassionate, clear, and lucid. Often a session with Angela would yield surprising results that helped me uncover deeper issues that were previously hidden to me or not fully understood. The more I worked with her the more I felt more at ease with my own self-inquiry. I cannot recommend Angela’s facilitation enough!”      ~ Brad

“Since becoming a KI facilitator I have received nothing but great reviews from her clients. Angela’s energy is warm, welcoming and peaceful. She is a superb listener and intuitively knows how to use KI to help with whatever issues a client presents.

To be facilitated by Angela is to be held in love and space while also being led into dropping long-held stories and beliefs that have kept you suffering for years.

She is a pleasant soul, easy to talk to, never judgmental and always on top of her game. We are so happy to have her among her ranks”.     ~ Scott Kiloby



June 19
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM